Çelebi Family who started its business life in 1979 incorporated its activities in construction and automobile sectors within Çelebi Motor Vehicles Food Co. Ltd. founded in 1989. After having bought and sold different brands till 1995 they acquired the franchise of NISSAN in Sakarya from 1998 to 2014. 


As Çelebi Motor Vehicles we are giving service to our customers on selling luxury second hand cars and insurance department at our 4S Plaza.


Moreover, by exporting, importing, wholesaling and retailing AUTOKEYCAR SYSTEMS which is our registered trademark, we have become more than a local brand with automotive maintenance and application points. 


SALOON SAFİRHAN which has been active in service sector since 2010 has become a neat option for invitations and wedding organizations with its indoor space of 850 m2, terrace of 850 m2, a chic and stylish saloon and experienced staff. 


ÇELEBI REAL ESTATE has adopted the principle of building safe, of high quality and peaceful living areas in the construction sector for 20 years. With finished Projects of PALMİYE 1, PALMİYE 2 and SAFİRHAN APART, SAFİRHAN APART+ and SAFİRHAN APART++, the project of luxury studios in Serdivan, which is one of the favorite areas for investment, ÇELEBI REAL ESTATE achieve to be a major brand in the industry.

Yükselen Real Estate which starts business on tourism sector ,At 2009, with partnership of Yüksel Gürtürk (veterinary) and İbrahim Yakıcı (Yakıcı Furniture) specialized on selling and counseling time share projects. After selling and counseling six different projects it became an important brand on that sector. At 2012 Yukselen Real Estate got a important place on top list of tax payers in Akyazı.  

As a result of trust and stability Çelebi Real Estate united forces with Yükselen Real Estate’s experience in time share property and time share vacation. SAPANCA HILLS  which is thought to provide added value not only to the area but also to our company is on sale with time share vacation concept. 


As ÇELEBİ GROUP our priority target is to maximize the satisfaction of our clients, business partners and employees and maintaining long-term relationships. 


Sapanca Hills  is design by the requests and needs of the Time Share Users.

Sapanca Hills  is being constructed on 18.000m² area. At the project which will start to give service at the end of 2015, there will be entertainment centre, Spa&wellness, areas for sports&social life and stylish huse options with exclusive features.
With the business concept which includes both services of hotel and residence, comfort of house is aimed.
Sapanca is a district of Sakarya, Turkey. Lake Sapanca lies on the north ofSapanca; Adapazari, the central district of Sakarya, is on the east; SamanlıMountains, districts of Geyve and Pamukova are on the south and one can notice Izmit, the central district of Kocaeli on the west. It takes only 20 minutes to arrive Cengiz Topel Airport, 50 minutes to Istanbul SabihaGökçen Airport by car. It takes only 50 minutes to arrive Istanbul by high speed train.
It takes only two minutes to reach the beach of Kırkpınar from HILLS which has a lake view, incredible natural beauties and a spectacular architecture. To see Sapanca form this view is a memorable. 
MISSION: We aim to offer services and projects which are in accordance with the needs and expectations of the vacationists to prove that luxury vacation isn’t a dream but possible. 
VISION: Our target is to be one of the international brands by improving time share vacation system gradually and consistently. 
• To maintain the international standards in our services and hospitability.
• Besides following and solving all the guest needs coming from any source within the context of objection management, to inform the guests about the results and to turn this analysis into an opportunity for ourselves. 
• To maximize the customer satisfaction within total quality management; to ensure the needs of the guests by premeditating and thus to make a considerable difference. 
• To provide the necessary conditions in order to train qualified staff who tends to improve himself/herself and to serve above quality standards and reintegrate them into tourism sector. 
• To set an example facility for the businesses in Sapanca.
•  To raise environmental awareness with all the employees of theSAPANCA HILLS and leave a clean, healthy and safe environment for the new generations.